ACEC Enrollment


 We currently serve children 6 weeks through 5 years of age. All weekly rates include a catered lunch for children ages one to five years of age, a morning snack, an afternoon snack, curriculum teaching, and Christian values.
The daily schedule includes large and small group interactions which help the children learn to cooperate, listen, and share; self-selected activities which stimulate cognitive growth and creativity, as well as emotional and social development; and outdoor activities which help develop large and small gross motor skills. 

Cost per week:  (6 weeks - 1 year) - $146 (12 months - 18 months) - $146 (1 year - 2 years) - $141 (24 months - 36 months) - $141 (24 months - 36 months) - $135 (3 years - 5 years) - $135*Payments are made via automatic bank draft. 

Annual Supplies Fee: An annual supply fee of $55 will be billed in September and prorated for those enrolling after September.

Schedule of Operation: The ACEC is open Monday through Friday from 6:30AM-5:30PM. 
The Center will be closed for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and the day after, Professional Training Day, Good Friday, Labor Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Memorial Day.In the event that a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the Center will be closed either the Friday before or the Monday after the holiday.
Signs will be posted throughout the Center and Remind messages sent to inform parents of closings.

Waiting List Policy: It is our policy  at ACEC to place a child on the waiting list when we have received the Application for Enrollment form and the non-refundable application fee of $25. This application fee is good for two years from the date of payment or until you have declined two consecutive openings.
The date that you pay the registration fee is the date that goes on our waiting list and provides us with the information we need to track your spot on the list.
When your child is offered a spot in one of our classrooms, you will have 48 hours to let us know if you are still interested. If we do not hear from you after the 48 hours, then we will move down the list and offer the spot to another child and your child will be moved to the bottom of the list. 
Some children do have priority within the center:

  • Primary priority is give to any family that has a custodial parent in active military service.
  • 1st priority is given to ACEC and AUMC staff members and their children.
  • 2nd priority is given to those children that have siblings enrolled in ACEC.


Enrollment form

Application for Enrollment (pdf)